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Light Curve and Period Analysis Software
Peranso is most impressive and is a pleasure to use. I loaded the yearly Wolf sunspot numbers from 1700 to 1964 and was pleased to obtain a Lomb-Scargle spectrum identical to what I published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society back in 1980 (volume 190, pp 723-732).

Dr. Nick Lomb, Sydney Observatory, Australia
Author of the Lomb-Scargle analysis method
(unsolicited comment)

Peranso is, without doubt, the best period analysis software I've ever seen. It's easy, it's fun, and boy, is it powerful! The competition isn't even close; this is a real service to science. Trust me, if you do period analysis, you're going to want this program.

Grant Foster, USA
Author of the CLEANest analysis method
(unsolicited comment)

Peranso is superb, easily the best of breed. As well as its power and flexibility, I really appreciate its ease of use and the very thoughtful and intuitive user interface and navigation. Congratulations. I look forward very much to the upcoming upgrades.

T. Richards, Woodridge Observatory, Melbourne, Australia
(unsolicited comment)

I just bought a copy of Peranso to use on my 117 days worth of MaxIm DL extracted photometry data. It turned hours worth of Excel spreadsheet work into a 5 minute task. A great compliment to MaxIm's photometric measuring ability. I found Peranso  extremely versatile and thought others with similar interests/pursuits might benefit from the package.

J. Phillips, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
(unsolicited comment)