Peranso - Light Curve and Period Analysis Software - New in Peranso 3.0
Light Curve and Period Analysis Software
Registration of Peranso will turn your trial version into a paid regular version, removing the 10 days trial period check and the shutdown after 5 to 7 minutes. Once you have completed the registration steps, you will receive a Registration Key (or license) which you have to enter once in Peranso. This key entitles you to use Peranso 3 for an unlimited duration.

Your Registration Key is valid for the specific computer and operating system you are using. It will not allow you to install and run Peranso on any other PC. If you want to run Peranso on more than one computer, you will have to purchase an additional Registration Key for each PC, at a discounted rate (see table below).

Your Registration Key has a validity of one year, called the Registration Key Validity period. During this period, you are entitled to receive  free software updates and technical support. After expiration of the Registration Key Validity period, you can continue to use Peranso, but you will not be able to install updates and you are no longer entitled to technical support.

You can renew your Registration Key at any point in time, also after expiration, clicking the appropriate entry in the table below. We encourage you to renew your Registration Key on an annual basis, to ensure you always get the latest updates of Peranso and have access to technical support.
The Peranso registration process is straightforward and is explained with ample screenshots in the online User Guide.
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Do not manually change your personal computer's clock to a date in the past or future, prior to or after installing or running Peranso. This will make your Registration Key unusable, due to a built-in software protection mechanism.
If you purchase a new personal computer, you will have to contact to request a migration of your Peranso copy to this new system. This is again due to the software protection mechanism used by Peranso. Migration is offered as part of our technical support services.
Peranso 3 - Registration Keys EUR US$ (approx) Payment
Single Registration Key
(for usage on 1 PC)
50 60
Second Registration Key
(for usage on a 2nd PC by a registered user)
30 36
Annual Registration Key renewal 25 30
Pack of 2 Registration Keys 80 97
Pack of 3 Registration Keys 110 134
Pack of 4 Registration Keys 140 170
Pack of 5 Registration Keys 170 207
Pack of 10 Registration Keys 310 377
Registration Key for Peranso 2.x users who purchased license before Dec 1st, 2019 29 35
Registration Key for Peranso 2.x users who purchased license after Dec 1st, 2019 0 0 Install Peranso 3 and send us your new Hardware Fingerprint
Payment methods
We support several payment methods (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) as well as some country specific methods. Click the Pay Now button in the above table to proceed to the Peranso order page.
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