Registration of Peranso will turn your trial version into a full version (removing the 14 days trial period check and the 10 minutes operations limitation). In addition, registered users are entitled to receive free minor updates of Peranso. The registration steps are explained in the section below.
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Licenses US$ EUR (approx) PayPal
Peranso 2.60 - Single license 49.99 41.99
Peranso 2.60 - Second license (registered user) 24.99 20.99
Peranso 2.60 - 2-Licenses Pack 74.99 62.99
Peranso 2.60 - 3-Licenses Pack 99.99 83.99
Peranso 2.60 - 4-Licenses Pack 124.99 104.99
Peranso 2.60 - 5-Licenses Pack 149.99 122.99
Peranso 2.60 - 10-Licenses Pack 274.99 227.99
Light Curve and Period Analysis Software
Payment methods
Send a Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque.
PayPal. Click "Buy Now" in the table above for secure payment through PayPal.
Credit Card. Click "Buy Now" in the PayPal column above for secure payment by credit card, and then choose the option "Don't have a PayPal account".
Our contact details, Tonny Vanmunster, Walhostraat 1A, B-3401 Landen, BELGIUM
email :
Upon receipt of your payment, and your 'Hardware Fingerprint' key (see below), will send you a license key by email.

Follow the Peranso installation procedure described in the Installation section of this website. The final installation step then is to register your copy with 

As long as Peranso is not registered, a "Reminder" dialog box appears at start up:
To register Peranso, press the Enter Key button. A new dialog box “Enter Key” appears:
It displays a Hardware fingerprint key (indicated with the arrow in the screen shot above) and two input fields, labelled Name and Key. Write down the Hardware fingerprint key.

To register your copy of Peranso, you must send an email to, containing the Hardware fingerprint key. Make sure to exactly copy the Hardware fingerprint key. Any mistake will result in an incorrect registration.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box and quit the registration, once you have sent your email with the Hardware fingerprint key.

Shortly after (mostly within 1 - 2 working days), you will receive an email from with a valid Name and Key. These are generated on the basis of your Hardware fingerprint key. Please note that the Name and Key will only be provided if your payment has been received.

Launch Peranso again and click OK when the “Key Required” dialog box appears. This displays again the “Enter Key” dialog box (see above). Then enter the Name and Key exactly as they are written down in the email you received from The Name field mostly will be your own name or the name of your company / institute. The Key field will be a string consisting of at least 60 characters. Please make sure to exactly copy both fields. Any mistake will result in an invalid registration. Click OK when you’re done.

If the registration was successful, the “Key Valid” dialog box appears. Click OK to close this dialog box, after which Peranso will launch.
Your copy of Peranso is now licensed for use on your personal computer.

Evidently, the next time you start Peranso, none of the registration steps described in this section, will have to be repeated.
The Name and Key that you receive from are valid only for the specific computer and operating system you are using. It will not allow you to install Peranso on any other personal computer.
Do not change your personal computer's clock prior to or immediately after installing Peranso, as this will make your copy unusable, due to a built-in software protection mechanism.
If you purchase a new personal computer, you will have to contact to request a migration of your Peranso copy to this new infrastructure. This is again due to the software protection mechanism used by Peranso.