Software updates enhance the functionality of Peranso through new features and improvements. They are published throughout the year. We strongly encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available. The Peranso website has a Revision history section, explaining the new features and improvements of the update.

Software updates are available free-of-charge to all Peranso users during the Registration Key Validity period. If your Registration Key has expired, you can continue to use Peranso but you will not be able to install updates, nor to receive technical support.

Peranso users with a valid Registration Key will be automatically notified if a new Peranso release is available for download, upon starting Peranso. If your Registration Key has expired, you will not be notified. Notification happens through the following message box:

    • Skip this version. Click to keep using your current version of Peranso. You will have the possibility to upgrade to the new version next time you start Peranso.

    • Remind me later. Click to download the update at a later point in time. It shows this message box:

You can decide to delay the Peranso update with 30 minutes, 12 hours, 1-2-4-8-10 days. 

    • Update. Click to proceed with the update. The new version of Peranso will be downloaded automatically, and your current version will be closed. After the installation of the new Peranso version has completed, you can restart Peranso. You will no longer see the above message box, till again a new version becomes available.