You can try out Peranso free of charge for a period of 10 days after first usage. During this trial period, Peranso is fully operational, but will shutdown without prior notice after 5 to 7 minutes. In addition, Save operations are disabled. 

If you like the trial version, you are invited to register it. This will remove the above limitations and entitles you to receive free software updates and technical support during a period of one (1) year.

When you start Peranso in trial mode, a message box will appear to inform you that you are working in Trial mode. It also mentions the number of days left before trial expiration:

    • Buy Now. Click to open your browser on the Peranso website and to get more information about the registration process

    • Show Fingerprint. Click to display the Hardware Fingerprint of your PC, which is needed to apply for a Registration Key. It is a unique "signature" of your PC, generated by Peranso. It consists of two strings of 5 characters separated by a hyphen sign. You will see a message box similar to:

      Click Copy Fingerprint to copy your Hardware Fingerprint to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste it in an email that you will have to send us when purchasing your Registration Key. More details are provided in the section Registering Peranso.

    • Enter Key. Click to enter the Registration Key, which you will receive by email from, after having completed your Peranso registration. The Registration Key consists of a Name and a Key. The latter consists of 7 strings, separated by an hyphen. Each string has 5 characters. This is an example of a Key: wM70c-GaZC5-AbBMs-RvkNz-vGe9n-a=EZb-4Vz=3.

      Once you have entered a valid Registration Key, you turn your Peranso trial version into a regular version.

    • Continue. Click to continue working with Peranso in trial mode.

What happens after your trial period expires?

Once your trial period has expired, you can no longer use Peranso, unless you purchase a Registration Key (or "License"). See the section Registering Peranso for more information. When you start Peranso after trial expiration, you will see the below message box:

    • The Buy Now, Show Fingerprint and Enter Key buttons are explained above.
    • Cancel. Click to quit Peranso.