In some occasions, Windows 10 will correctly install Peranso but will then remove the software from your PC upon the next automatic scan performed by the Windows 10 anti-virus software, erroneously assuming that Peranso contains a virus. The removal may happen within minutes, hours or even days after the installation, depending on the settings of your Windows 10 anti-virus software. 

To avoid that Windows 10 keeps on removing Peranso, we will "unblock" the Peranso run-time folder. Here's how to proceed:


    • At the bottom left corner of your screen, in the section Type here to search, enter Windows Security. That should bring up a Windows Security window.

    • In there, select Virus & threat protection

    • In the new window that now appears, under Virus & threat protection settings click on Manage settings

    • In the new window, scroll down to Exclusions and click on Add exclusions (or Add and remove exclusions)

    • Then click on the grey box Add an exclusion. From the drop down, select Folder

    • This opens a Windows folder selector. Navigate to the folder where you install(ed) Peranso. Usually that’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Peranso

    • Then click Select folder. If you are asked to confirm, click Yes