The easiest way to plot ASAS observations in Peranso is through the Internet ASAS light curve plotting, which does not require you to download ASAS files. 

The section below describes how to import observations from an ASAS text file.

You can download files with ASAS observations from the ASAS website, following the steps described on their website. The easiest approach is to navigate to the ASAS Catalogue of Variable Stars, and to enter the coordinates of the variable star or the ASAS ID. Then press the Search button on this web page. If a corresponding ASAS object has been found, you will see a new web page containing a table, whose first column is labeled ID. Click on the ASAS ID in the row below. This will bring up a new web page with the light curve of the star. Click on the GetData button below the light curve to download the observations to a new web page. You can save the contents of that web page to a text file and subsequently import the file in Peranso. This proceeds as follows:

  1. Select Open in the File menu (or click on in the Desktop Toolbar) to display the File Open box. 

  1. Navigate to the Peranso folder, which contains the ASAS text file. If you don't see the file in the file selector, make sure that the file type selector in the lower right corner of the file selector either shows All files (*.*) or ASAS (*.txt). Select the file and click the Open button. In this tutorial, we already included an example ASAS text file, which you will find in the Tutorials 12 folder. Open the file ASAS_ST Dor.txt.

  1. This loads the contents of the file and creates an Observations Window (ObsWin).

  2. For more information about ASAS light curves we refer to the One-step plotting of an ASAS-3 light curve tutorial.

  3. You can now save the Observations Window by selecting Save from the File menu. You can then directly open the Observations Window later on, without having to download the observations from the ASAS website.