In this tutorial we will learn to plot and analyse a light curve in Peranso by  importing observations from the AAVSO International Database (AID)1

We will select all AAVSO observations of the cataclysmic variable star with designation (name) V3101 Cyg. This variable star was detected in July 2019 when it reached magnitude 8. It meanwhile faded to magnitude 15-16, but in between had several rebrightenings. The light curve contains more than 112.000 observations, so this is a large data set.

This tutorial requires an active internet connection. If you are not connected to the internet, you can still run this tutorial by importing the observations from a file. This will be explained further on in the tutorial.

(1) We acknowledge with thanks the variable star observations from the AAVSO International Database contributed by observers worldwide, and used in this research.