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Cataclysmic Variables Observations 2005

Below is an extract of our most important detections and observations of 2005, related to CVs. Since the start of our time-series CCD photometry work in 1996, we have accumulated over 280.000 CCD images of cataclysmic variables, during extensive photometric sessions. All images have been reduced using either PSF or aperture photometry. Our photometric reductions are available to seriously interested amateur and professional astronomers for further analysis. 


22 November 2005 - Detection of early superhumps in the rarely outbursting dwarf nova DV Dra

21 November 2005 - Detection of superhumps in the new CV TSS J022216.4+412260   

08 November 2005 - Likely detection of superhumps in DO Vul 

06 September 2005 - Observations of the UGSU: star FS And  

30 August 2005 - Observations of another outburst of Var79 Peg    

23 August 2005 - Detection of the UGSU-type nature of Var Vul 05 (New var near M27)   

17 August 2005 - Observations of the Var79 Peg outburst    

2 July 2005 - Outburst of the UGSU-type dwarf nova V589 Her 

7 June 2005 - Detection of the UGSU-type nature of NSV 4838 

28 May 2005 - CCD observations of dwarf nova CG Dra   

25-27 May 2005 - Observations of the suspected UGSU-type dwarf nova SDSS J155644.24-000950.2    

18 Mar 2005 - Detection of the UGSU-type nature of 1RXS J053234.9+624755   

28 Feb 2005 - CCD observations of the deeply-eclipsing SW Sex-type CV HS0728+6738   

16 Jan 2005 - CCD observations of BZ UMa (early stage of outburst) 



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