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Cataclysmic Variables Observations 2002

Below is an extract of our most important detections and observations of 2002, related to CVs. Since the start of our time-series CCD photometry work in 1996, we have accumulated over 200.000 CCD images of cataclysmic variables, during extensive photometric sessions. All images have been reduced using either PSF or aperture photometry. Our photometric reductions are available to seriously interested amateur and professional astronomers for further analysis. 

BZ UMa : light curve of the December 2002 outburst of this rare dwarf nova   
Var73 Dra : our December 2002 observations of this first ER UMa type dwarf nova IN the period gap !
NSV 15086 : December 2002 observations of this poorly studied dwarf nova  
CW Mon : our Nov 05/06, 2002 observations of this grazing eclipser
AW Sge : observations of the October/November 2002 outburst  
RX J 0558.3+6753 : large amplitude modulations observed during September 2002 outburst.  
RX J 1643.7+3402 : a bright novalike CV in the period gap. See our April 2002 observations.
UV Gem : superhump period determination during the April 2002 outburst. 
V589 Her - a new UGSU type dwarf nova in period gap. We detected superhumps during its April 2002 outburst ! 
Lightcurves of the January 2002 rare outburst of HV Vir


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