A Peranso Phase Window is used for drawing a phase diagram. A phase diagram or folded light curve is a plot of the object's brightness versus its phase (typically between 0 and 1). 

We define the phase as the decimal part of 

                         (t - t0) / P ,  where

                       t    is the observation time, 

                       t0  is the epoch, and 

                       P   is the period. 

In Peranso, we take the JD of the very first observation as the default epoch value, but it can be adjusted by the user.

Example of a Peranso Phase Window with Double Phase View


The label [0.5880, 1.28] in the lower right part displays the mouse coordinates (phase, mag). 

The toolbar in the upper part of the Phase Window groups frequently used PhaseWin commands.

Almost all graphical properties of a PhaseWin can be modified by the user. This includes axes titles, the mouse coordinates label, the PhaseWin title, and so on. Left click the mouse on the label of interest to modify the label text. Right click to change the font and color.