Opens a previously saved Peranso project file. A Peranso project file contains one or more Observations Windows, and all Period Windows and Phase Windows associated with them. The user is presented a standard Microsoft Windows File Open dialog box to navigate to the Peranso project file to be opened. Peranso project files have an extension .nper.

In addition, the Open command allows to import several other file types (see list below). Make sure that the file type selector in the lower right corner of the File Open dialog box either shows All files (*.*) or the file type to be imported. Select the file to be opened and click the Open button.

    • AIP4Win (AAVSO EFF)
    • ASAS
    • ASAS-SN
    • LesvePhotometry AAVSO EFF
    • LesvePhotometry CBA
    • ZTF Lasair

Importing the above file types is further explained in Tutorial 12.