Some anti-virus software packages incorrectly report that Peranso is infected with a virus. This may happen during downloading or installing. We extensively check Peranso against viruses prior to every release, and assure it's 100% safe.

The incorrect detection of a virus in Peranso is a so called false positive detection. It occurs when an anti-virus program detects a known virus string in an uninfected file. The file does contain a string of characters that matches a string from an actual virus. 

The result of such false detection is that Peranso is removed from your PC by the anti-virus software. To avoid a removal, you will have to whitelist Peranso. 

In the next section, we present step-by-step instructions for installing Peranso on a Windows 10 PC with Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus (aka Windows Security) and the Microsoft Edge browser.

If you are running a different browser or anti-virus software, the steps will be slightly different. Consult the documentation of your anti-virus software and look for a section on whitelisting.