The AAVSO EFF (Extended File Format) is used for submitting observations to the AAVSO organization using their WebObs webpage. It uses a fixed format, which is described in the AAVSO website

To open an AAVSO EFF file in Peranso, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Open in the File menu (or click on in the Desktop Toolbar) to display the File Open box. 

  1. Navigate to the Peranso folder, which contains the AAVSO EFF text file. If you don't see the file in the file selector, make sure that the file type selector in the lower right corner of the file selector either shows All files (*.*) or AAVSO EFF (*.txt). Select the file and click the Open button. In this tutorial, we already included an example AAVSO EFF text file, which you will find in the Tutorials 12 folder. Open the file AAVSO_EFF_V2837 Ori.txt.

  2. This loads the contents of the file and creates an Observations Window (ObsWin).

  1. You can now save the Observations window by selecting Save from the File menu. You can then directly open the Observations window later on, without having to import the observations from the AAVSO EFF file.

IMPORTANT: Peranso accepts AAVSO EFF files containing observations for ONE object only.