This tutorial explains the usage of the CLEANest method, to automatically or iteratively extract the multi-periodic signals from the light curve of RX Cap. This is a member of the RV Tauri type variables. These are radially pulsating supergiants, whose light curve is characterized by the presence of double waves with alternating primary and secondary minima.

RX Cap is discussed in John R. Percy's paper1 "Studies of RV Tauri and SRD Variables", where the reported periodicities are 140.33 days and 67.93 days. 

The observations in this tutorial have been extracted from the AAVSO International Database2.


(1) JAAVSO Volume 43, 176-181, 2015

(2) We acknowledge with thanks the variable star observations from the AAVSO International Database contributed by observers worldwide, and used in this research.