In this tutorial, we will systematically walk you through the entire process of photometric reduction, using FITS science images of the Delta Scuti star FS CMi. These images were acquired at CBA Extremadura Observatory on March 29th, 2023. 

Each phase of the process is comprehensively detailed in its dedicated section:

    1. Configuring Phoranso for initial use

      Before you can start to effectively use Phoranso you need to properly configure it once.

    1. Downloading the Tutorial Files

Initiating the retrieval of essential tutorial files to kickstart the photometric reduction journey.

    1. Creating ID Cards for Variable Stars

Guiding you through the creation of identification cards for the variable stars identified in an FS CMi science image.

    1. Building a Calibration Group

Forming a Calibration group from master calibration images to enhance the precision of the subsequent photometric proces.

    1. Photometry of science images

Conducting photometry on the FS CMi science images, extracting photometric data.

    1. Visual inspection of Light Curves 

      Analyzing and interpreting the resultant light curves.

    1. Integration with Peranso

Effortlessly Transfer target light curve data to the Peranso Light Curve and Period Analysis software with a single button click for in-depth analysis.

    1. Inspection of the AAVSO Reports

Quick inspection of the generated AAVSO report, summarizing the photometric results.