Invokes the Peranso Help Viewer to browse the comprehensive online Peranso 3 User Guide.  The Help Viewer provides an integrated table of contents, an index, and a full-text search facility such that you can retrieve information easily. Click on the + symbol in front of a book icon to open the help topic entries and sub-books. The Help Viewer has the added benefit of allowing you to see the table of contents, index, or search results at the same time you are viewing a Help topic. This orients you within the Help system and allows you to see all of the other applicable Help topics at a glance. 

In the Help Viewer, click one of the following tabs: 


  • To browse through the table of contents, click the Contents tab. Double-click the book icons to reveal topic entries and sub-books. Click a table of contents entry to display the corresponding topic. 

  • To see a list of index entries, click the Index tab, and then either type a word or scroll through the list. Topics are often indexed under more than one entry. Double-click an index entry to display the corresponding topic. 

  • To locate every occurrence of a word or phrase, click the Search tab, type the word or phrase which you want to search for, and then click List Topics. Double-click a search result to display the corresponding topic. 

  • To bookmark a topic, use the Contents, Index, or Search tabs to locate and then display a topic. Click the Favorites tab, and then click Add to save the topic title to the Topics list. Double-click a bookmark in the Topics list to quickly display the topic.