In this section, we will learn how to import the ALCDEF observations of 10 Hygiea, which we have downloaded in the previous section. 

  1. Select Open in the File menu (or click on in the Desktop Toolbar) to display the File Open box. 

  2. Navigate to the Downloads folder of your PC, which contains the ALCDEF file from previous section. If you don't see the file in the file selector, make sure that the file type selector in the lower right corner of the file selector either shows All files (*.*) or ALCDEF (*.txt). Select the file and click the Open button. 

    If you don't have an active Internet connection, you can also navigate to the Peranso Tutorials 19 folder and retrieve the ALCDEF file from there. To do so, first locate your My Documents folder (typically C:\Users\<your_user_name>\Documents). In there is a subfolder Peranso, then select the subfolder Tutorials. Finally, select the folder 19. Finding the rotational period of minor planet 10 Hygiea. Select the file ALCDEF_10_Hygiea_20210806_154708.txt and click the Open button.

  3. This loads the contents of the file and creates an Observations window (ObsWin).

  4. The light curve contains 10,103 observations distributed over 13 observation sets. Use the Navigation buttons of the ObsWin toolbar to navigate through the individual ObsSets.