When you create a Phase window, you will often notice that one or more observations in the phase diagram may be incorrect (outliers). Peranso offers a convenient way to highlight these observations in the Observations window, which corresponds with the Phase Window. 

Hold the shift button, move the mouse cursor over the outlier in the Phase Window and click the left mouse button. You will now see the corresponding observation blinking a few times in red color in the Observations window.  As a next step, you may decide to inactivate this observation and repeat the steps till you have inactivated all outliers in the Observations window. You can then recreate the Phase window from the cleaned Observations window by re-running a period analysis.

AAVSO observations of R Leo appear in the ObsWin at left. The PhaseWin corresponding to a period of 311.9 days is displayed at right. The cross-shaped mouse cursor in the PhaseWin is pointing to an outlier observation of mag 5.0 near phase 1.05. The corresponding blinking observation in the ObsWin is displayed as a red circle.