The Planetary Transits Analysis of Variance (AoV) method, published by Schwarzenberg-Cerny1, is based on the analysis of variance method (well-known in statistics), and also employs phase folding and binning. The method has been modified to make it particularly suitable for the detection of planetary transits in stellar light curves. It has been designed for high sensitivity search of narrow periodic maxima in otherwise constant data.

The AoV Transit dialog box is similar to the Lomb-Scargle dialog box, but allows to enter Nb (number of bins) and Nc (so called "covers" of Nb bins) values in the Additional parameters section. Prominent periods of the Period Window appear as peaks.

(1) Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A., Beaulieu, J.-Ph., Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc. (2006) 365, 165-170