I have used Peranso for light curve and period analysis during the entire application development cycle. I have processed hundreds of light curves, tested routines over and over, and studied dozens of papers. But I could not have done it alone. I wish to acknowledge the generous help of many friends.

I'm grateful to Patrick Wils, Grant Foster, Alan Harris and Nick Lomb who provided valuable support for the implementation of their period analysis methods. A warm thank you to Prof. Dr. Joe Patterson, who has been my mentor in my cataclysmic variables research work. 

I want to acknowledge also the help of Paul Van Cauteren, Patricia Lampens, Sigfried Vanaverbeke, Richard Miles, Sebastian Otero, Patrick Schmeer, Aaron Price, Dieter Husar, Arto Oksanen, Geoff Stone, Javier De Elias Cantalapiedra, Enrique Diez Alonso, Gordon Meyers and Gabriel Neagu for their efforts in testing and providing feedback.

I'm particularly grateful to Ivan Adamin (Belarus) for his coding support with many of the Internet light curve implementations.


Special thanks also to the many users of Peranso, for their positive comments and encouragements.

Above all I would like to thank my wife and kids for their constant support, for all the late nights, and for keeping me sane over the past months of hard work. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. 


Tonny Vanmunster, December 2020