Detection of the UGSU-type nature of optical transient OT_J084555.1+033930

Following the recent announcement in the "CBAT Unconfirmed Observations Page"
of the discovery of the optical transient OT_J084555.1+033930 in Hya, I have pleasure to herewith report my detection of superhumps in this system. My unfiltered CCD observations were made on 2008, Jan 24/25 over a time span of 3.5 hours under moderate sky conditions (clear, but strong moonlight). I used a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope with ST-7XME CCD camera. The resulting light curve is depicted below. 

Our CBA Belgium Observatory light curve clearly shows superhumps with an amplitude of about 0.2 mag and a period of 0.0577 +/- 0.0055 d. The latter was determined using the ANOVA method, implemented in Peranso. Hence, OT_J084555.1+033930 is a new member of the SU UMa-type dwarf novae.

ANOVA period window showing superhump period at 0.0577d

Superhump profile at P=0.0577d (Phase diagram)

It will be interesting to eep on monitoring this target during its present outburst !





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