New dwarf nova ASAS 023322-1047.0 - main outburst stage

Following the detection of early superhumps in ASAS 023322-1047.0, the object entered its main outburst stage on 2006, Jan 28th, trading in early superhumps for regular superhumps. Hiroyuki Maehara (Japan) announced that his Jan 28th CCD observations (JD +763.9) show full superhumps with an amplitude of 0.2 mag. Our own observations of Jan 27th (JD +763.4) only revealed early superhumps with 0.05 mag amplitude. The transition must have been fast and quite spectacular.

Main outburst stage - regular superhumps

So far, we have collected 4 observation sets, with a total of 952 observations, covering this stage. Using the ANOVA method, we find a superhump period Psh = 0.05579 +/- 0.00027 d, and a superhump amplitude of 0.3 mag. The superhump period excess value of ASAS 023322 thus becomes 1.7%.

023322-1047.0 combined light curve (zero-averaged, detrended) during main outburst 
stage. Observations from Tom Krajci (black) and Tonny Vanmunster (blue).

ANOVA period analysis yielding a
superhump period of 0.05579d

Superhump phase diagram by folding the observations over a period of 0.0
5779 d





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