Observations of the January 2005 outburst of BZ UMa

Patrick Schmeer reported an outburst detection of this interesting cataclysimic variable on Jan 16th, 2005 (see announcement below). Following last year's observations of BZ UMa at CBA Belgium Observatory, as part of an observing campaign organised by the AAVSO, I immediately decided to start a photometric session on this cataclysmic variable.

Unfiltered CCD observations by P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany:
UMABZ 20050115.362 160CR Scp
UMABZ 20050116.359 142CR Scp
Instrument: University of Iowa, Rigel Telescope (0.37-m Cassegrain)
Sequence: Henden and Sumner (R magnitudes derived from V and B-V)

Patrick Schmeer's outburst detection announcement on CVnet 

2005, Jan 16/17

Observations at CBA Belgium Observatory started at 18h01m UT on Jan 16, 2005. I used a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope with ST-7XME CCD camera and V-filter. Sky conditions were pretty good initially (despite moonlight), but around 20h08m UT, thick clouds prevented me from further observing. The initial stage of a BZ UMa outburst is not yet well studied, so the present observations might still be of interest, despite the short duration of the session.

The resulting light curve is shown below. It depicts a steady increase in BZ UMa's magnitude (rising from mag 11.31 to mag 11.20 in 2 hours), but no further obvious modulations are seen. 

I hope to continue observing BZ UMa over the next nights. Most BZ UMa outbursts are rather short lived (~5 days).

BZ UMa lightcurve dd 2005, Jan 16/17. V-filter exposures. CBA Belgium Observatory.





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