CCD photometry of the suspected UGSU-type 
dwarf nova SDSS J155644.24-000950.2

I collected two nights of CCD photometry observations of SDSSJ155644.24-000950.2, a suspected UGSU-type dwarf nova that was detected in outburst by Hiroyuki Maehara on May 25th, 2005. I observed this variable star on May 25, 2005 during 3 hours (152 useful frames) and on May 27, 2005 during 3 hours (about 133 useful frames). The resulting light curve (see below) shows the object rising to maximum during the first night (May 25/26) and already declining during the second night (May 27/28), with no obvious modulations (see insets). Therefore, this was either a normal outburst or the object is not an UGSU-type dwarf nova. Follow-up observations during future outbursts will tell.

CCD photometry of SDSS J155644.24-000950.2 on May 25/26, 2005 and May 27/28, 2005
0.35-m f/6.3 SCT, unfiltered exposures with ST-7 and ST-7XME CCD cameras.

In addition, the above data set comprises my 250.000th CCD observation, obtained at CBA Belgium Observatory, and submitted to CBA, AAVSO and other organisations. I started doing CCD photometry in May 1996 (after a long 'career' as a visual observer), and meanwhile collected variable star photons for over 4775 hours, which is the equivalent of almost 200 days of uninterrupted photometry.  





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