The July 2005 outburst of V589 Her

Following Mike Simonsen's announcement (cvnet-outburst) of an outburst of V589 Her on 2005, July 2.234 UT, I started an unfiltered CCD photometry session at CBA Belgium Observatory, using a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope and ST-7XME CCD camera. The session started on July 2.9 UT and lasted for 3.6 hours. V589 Her was at mag 15.2 (unfiltered), and the resulting light curve (see below) does not show significant modulations. There was however a fading trend (0.18 mag over the duration of the session).  

The current outburst therefor either is a normal outburst, or superhumps still have to develop. Follow-up observations are recommended.

During the April 2002 outburst of V589 Her, I detected superhumps in the system, which were confirmed at that moment by Jerry Foote (CBA Utah). Full details on the April 2002 campaign are available here. Using 841 observations from Jerry Foote and myself, I found a superhump period of 0.0947 +/- 0.0005 d, using the PDM technique. This turns V589 Her into a UGSU type dwarf nova inside the so called 'period gap' !





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