CCD Observations of the SW Sex-type CV HS 0728+6738

I got one "all-night" clear night in February 2005 (27/28th), and spent 11.1 hours of CCD photometry on HS 0726+6738, an SW Sex-type CV. The session resulted  in >430 useful CCD observations, otbtained through a clear filter, using a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope at CBA Belgium Observatory. 

The resulting light curve is shown below and is quite interesting. It shows 4 successive eclipses (!) each 2.5 mags deep. Superimposed is a beautiful superhump, and some irregular activity. 


Using the Kwee-van Woerden method in Peranso, I measured the mid-eclipse timings of the above 4 eclipses, and I find an average orbital period of 3.2114 +/-0.0034 h. The literature value for this SW Sex star is 3.21h [see P. Rodríguez-Gil et al, A&A 424, 647-655 (2004)].





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