CCD photometry of dwarf nova CG Dra

Upon request of Gary Poyner and Jeremy Shears, I carried out time series (unfiltered) photometry of CG Dra (UG), on May 28/29, 2005. The session lasted for 4.5 hours, and started under good sky conditions, later followed by cloud fields. CG Dra was aroud mag 16.0 during most of the run, with small amplitude modulations of up to 0.15 mag. I used several period analysis methods of Peranso to look for periodicities in the data, but could not identify a stable signal. Hence, I can not confirm Jeremy Shears' finding of May 27/28 (cvnet-discussion), where he reported a periodic signal near 91 min.

My CG Dra light curve is depicted below.

Light curve of CG Dra obtained with a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope
and unfiltered ST-7XME CCD camera at CBA Belgium Observatory





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