Observations of the UGSU: dwarf nova FS And

FS And is a dwarf nova discovered by Hoffmeister in 1967. He reported relatively frequent outbursts. The object was studied in more detail by Meinunger in 1986, who reported an approximate outburst cycle length of ~10 d, and the presence of a possible standstill. Consequently, the object was classified as a likely  Z Cam star. However, the presence of frequent short outbursts, with a quick fade from maximum, seems to rather favour a UGSU-type classification of FS And. So far, no superhumps have been discovered yet in this system.

Following an outburst announcement of FS And on Sep 2nd on CVnet (by Mike Simonsen), I decided to start an unfiltered photometry session on Sep 06/07, 2005, using an ST-7XME CCD camera and 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope. The resulting lightcurve is shown below. It shows no evidence of superhumps.

FS And lightcurve : black dots are V-C, red dots are C-K





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