CBA Observations of Var Her 04 (June 2004)

The CBA has been very successful in monitoring this newly discovered cataclysmic variable. 

Light curve analysis between JD 2453181 and JD 2453185

Below are the results of a first analysis of 2582 CCD observations of Var Her 04, obtained between JD +3181.0 and JD +3185.0 by following CBA observers : Lew Cook, Russ Durkee, Donn Starkey, Dave Messier, Brian Martin, Tonny Vanmunster and Michael Richmond. The impressive overall light curve is shown below. Using the ANOVA period analysis method (in Peranso), I obtain a superhump period value of 0.057717 +/- 0.000060 d. The ANOVA period window is extremely 'clean' and is also shown below. Other period analysis methods, such as PDM and Lomb-Scargle, all consistently yield a similar signal, so we may assume that this is a very accurate value.

Zero-averaged light curve of Var Her 04 between JD 2453181 and JD 2453185, 
based on 2582 CCD observations of the CBA network


Folding all available observations on the 0.057717 d period clearly points to a superhump profile, but with irregular features superimposed. The average amplitude in the phase window (see below) is about 0.2 mag.


Light curve analysis between JD 2453186 and JD 2453193

An additional 1695 CBA observations were obtained between JD 2453186 (Jun 29, 2004) and JD 2453193 (Jul 06), by Donn Starkey, David Messier, Brian Martin and Tonny Vanmunster (this brings the total CBA observations to 4277, with more data sets pending processing). At JD +3186, superhumps still were clearly present, with a full amplitude near 0.2 mag. Around JD +3189, they disappear from the light curve, but one night later a modulation of about 0.2 mag again reappears. The corresponding zero-averaged light curve is visible below.

A period analysis on the afore mentioned segment of the light curve yields a period of 0.05748 +/- 0.00024 d, using the ANOVA method (in Peranso), with intricate fine structure in the harmonics. A second peak near 0.0612d is also present in the ANOVA period windowThe ANOVA period window is represented below.

Zero-averaged light curve of Var Her 04 between JD 245318
6 and JD 2453193, 
based on 1695 CCD observations of the CBA network


Period analysis on the above light curve segment, using the ANOVA method. 
A significant peak is visible at 0.05748 +/- 0.00024d. Based on 1695 CBA observations.






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