UV Gem - Superhump period determination during April 2002 outburst

The April 2002 outburst of UV Gem provided a good opportunity for time-series (unfiltered) photometry of this object. I was able to follow the variability of the object during 3 nights, between 2002, Apr 07 and Apr 10. I collected 331 UV Gem observations at CBA Belgium Observatory, using a 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope and ST-7 CCD, corresponding to a total time period of 6.90 hours of data.

The SU UMa dwarf nova nature of this object was first announced by myself, during the December 1999 superoutburst (vsnet-alert 3821). On the basis of 4.4 hours of observations, obtained on 1999, December 13/14, I derived a superhump period of 0.0902 +/- 0.0006 d  or  2.17h.

My April 2002 observations yield a slightly different - improved - superhump period of 0.0926 +/- 0.0010 d  or  2.22h, using the PDM technique. The superhump amplitude was 0.32 mag.

The period diagram and phase diagram for the April 2002 analysis are shown below. The object faded with an average of 0.10 mag per night. This is again a characteristic value for SU UMa type dwarf novae.



UV Gem period analysis

UV Gem phase diagram





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