CBA Belgium Observatory
June 2001 outburst of V587 Lyr = TK5 Lyr (UG)


V587 Lyr was discovered by T. V. Kryachko of Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Russia) on Moscow archive plates (see IBVS 5058) taken with the 40-cm astrograph. It appears as a blue object on the Palomar prints.

The UG-variability of V587 Lyr was derived by Kryachko from a total of 220 magnitude estimates. Apparently, the star is having rather frequent outbursts, and the cycle is estimated to be approx. 60 days. 

On 2001, June 18.973 UT, I detected an outburst of V587 Lyr, using the 0.35-m f/6.3 telescope at CBA Belgium Observatory.  

The FITS image above has North up and was acquired with an unfiltered ST-7 CCD camera. The image below was taken 6 days earlier and does not show the variable. TK5 Lyr is located at  RA = 19h17m26.5s, Decl =  +3710'41" (2000.0), and has a magnitude range of 14.3 - <17.1p.

I performed a differential photometry run on this object on June 18/19, for 2.1 hours. The resulting light curve (see below) does not show significant modulations. The variable is around mag 15.2 (unfiltered).


                                                                                                                                              (c) Copyright Tonny Vanmunster, 2001